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Mechanical Auto Repair Services

Paddington Prestige have access to and are able to assist in:

  • Engine Management Diagnosis – quick and accurate computerised analysis of all engine faults including piston firing rate, injector measurements and mixture levels, will help to ensure smooth running and improved driveability and fuel efficiency
  • Fuel Injection – injector cleaning, general servicing/repairs, and performance upgrades
  • Engine Tuning and Servicing – minor and major servicing, tuning ignition and fuel delivery systems for peak performance or fuel efficiency
  • Transmission Servicing and Repair – transmission servicing, repair/rebuild of transmissions or components where necessary
  • Engine Rebuilds – over 30 years experience incomplete manifold restoration, head machining and rebuilding prestige 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines such as Mercedes, BMW, VW, and Peugeot
  • Differential/Rear Axle – rebuilds, servicing, and strengthening of differentials and rear axles
  • Performance Modifications – Superchargers, Turbochargers, Dynamometer tuning and more
  • LPG – fully engineered and certified drive-in drive-out LPG conversion service available for all cars – available with the federal government’s LPG rebate
  • Exhausts – assembly, fabrication, repair and modification of exhaust systems to suit your needs
  • Brakes and A.B.S. – service and repair of all brake systems and components, and brake system upgrades (including performance calliper and rotor upgrades)
  • Clutch – service and repair of worn clutches with high quality parts to achieve smooth functioning and extended service life, performance upgrades are available upon request
  • Steering and Suspension – service and repair of all manual and power steering systems
  • RWC – NSW RTA roadworthy inspections available (“pink” or “blue” slips)

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