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BMW Smash Repair

Damage to your BMW, even if it's minor, can be distressing. But, unless you are on guard, what happens next can make matters even worse. You may find yourself under preassure from your insurance company to entrust the repairs to a bodyshop of their choice. This may be a repairer who is looking to cut costs through the use of non BMW approved paints, parts and repair techniques.

So remember that the choice of smash repairer lies with the policy holder and not with the insurance company. Which means you are entitled to entrust your BMW repair to an authorised and factory recommended repairer such as Paddington Prestige.

Paddington Prestige can be trusted to repair your BMW to it's original factory condition, working within all BMW set standards. Paddington Prestige uses only BMW approved paints, parts and repair techniques to get your BMW back on the road in the quickest and most efficient time possible. Our technicians are highly trained, following all BMW standards and repair techniques while still providing the highest standard of customer service.

BMW recommended repairers are equipped with the most sophisticated BMW technology, including specialist alignment jigs, MIG welding equipment and paint ovens designed to operate within BMW's strict tolerances.

Still not convinced? A letter from BMW Sydney's Managing Director:

"Dear Peter,

Paddington Prestige has been a BMW approved supplier to BMW Sydney for approximately 20 years, performing smash repair work on a mixture of client, company and wholesale vehicles. A close working relationship has been built between our two companies during this time.

BMW Sydney has been impressed with the level of service received and the quality of the work performed. In a crowded marketplace, Paddington Prestige has repeatedly demonstrated itself as a true industry leader.

As a very satisfied customer BMW Sydney is pleased to offer Paddington Prestige its continued support and referral business."

Joe King
Managing Director
BMW Sydney
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